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Driver Safety Should You Risk It

Posted September 25th, 2017

Driver safety is a big issue among drivers and track owners at many asphalt & dirt short tracks around the United States. Why is it most dirt tracks and series do not have a head and neck restraint requirement? Is it to save money for the drivers? Head and Neck restraints have come down in price now that there are several different options to choose from Zamp has a head and neck restraint that is similar to the HANS device but with adjustments. Is it a little heavier than the HANS, sure it is but it also saves you $200 over the cheapest HANS. The Zamp Ztech 1-A retails for $299 and is SFI 38.1 approved. Just under $300, isn't your life worth that? Nobody goes out with the intentions of wrecking but unexpected things happen. Tracks need to take a more proactive view on driver safety. Track officials can be the key and often times the track does not want to send somebody home because they are missing something or a certain item is out of date. "Fix it by next week" is often said during the inspection process but what happens if there is no next week. It is the driver responsibility to make sure that their equipment is up to date and provides the best protection. It is the driver that has to make the decision if they can't afford good safety equipment if they should really go racing.